The Art of Book Binding
Florentine and Tuscan paper art
Marbling paper and textiles
The art of leather tanning and uses of leather
Digital Arts

The Art of Book Binding

  • Legature, dal codice al libro a stampaBologna, Giulia – Legature, dal codice al libro a stampa, 1998, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore (Milan, IT) ISBN 978-8804457510In Italian, In French- La Reliure d’Art: L’Art de la Reliure a Travers les Siecles, 1999, Grund (Paris), ISBN 2-7000-2226-2 . Beautifully illustrated colour history of binding to the 20th century all European countries but the books pictured are primarily from Italian libraries.
  • Diehl, Edith – Bookbinding its Background and Technique, 2 vols in 1, 1980, Dover (USA), ISBN 978-0486240206 – Classic mammoth study of the history of the book and bookbinding technique
  • Ikegami, Kojiro – Japanese Bookbinding: Instructions from a Master Craftsman, 1994, Weatherhill, Inc. (USA, NY), ISBN 0-8348-0196-5 – Traditional techniques for Oriental bookbinding
  • LaPlantz, Shereen – Cover to Cover: Creative Techniques for Making Beautiful Books, Journals and Albums, 2000, Lark Books (NYC, USA), ISBN 0-937274-87-9 – Artist book binding techniques and projects
  • Lindsey, Jen – Fine Bookbinding: A Technical Guide, 2009, Oak Knoll Press (USA), ISBN 978-1-58456-268-9 – Modern techniques for binding books in leather
  • Petroski, Henry – The Book on the Bookshelf, 2000, Vintage Books (NYC, USA), IDBN 0-385-70639-9 – History of the influence of methods of storage and use on the structure of books and vice versa.
  • Young, Laura – Bookbinding and Conservation by Hand: A Working Guide, 1995, Oak Knoll Press (USA), ISBN 1-884718-11-6 – Techniques for binding and repair of books by hand – leather, cloth, paper.
  • Zeier, Franz – Books, Boxes and Portfolios: Binding, Construction, and Design Step-by-Step, 1990, Design )Press (KY, USA), ISBN 0-8306-3483-5 – Techniques for creating books and enclosing structures including boxes for all purposes

The following are somewhat more expensive and rarer:

  • Islamic BookbindingsHaldane, Dennis – Islamic Bookbindings in the Victoria & Albert Museum, 1983, World of Islam Festival Trust, ASIN B0006EFYNS (a little rare, a little expensive, but lots of pictures of the most beautiful antique bindings on earth from Turkey, Persia and India – which inspired most of the binding styles in Venice, Florence, Rome and elsewhere in the 1400-1600’s – inspiring!)
  • Hobson, A.R.A. – Humanists and Bookbinders: The Origins and Diffusion of Humanistic Bookbinding, 1459-1559, Cambridge University Press (UK), ISBN 978-0521355360 (rare and expensive but phoenomenal)
  • Middleton, Bernard – A History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique, 1996, Oak Knoll Press (USA), ISBN 978-1884719291
  • Middleton, Bernard – The Restoration of Leather Bindings, 4th Revised and Expanded Edition, 2004, Oak Knoll Press (USA), ISBN 978-1584561194
  • Mitchell, John – An Introduction to Gold Finishing, 2005, The Standing Press (UK), ISBN 0-9521626-2-8 – Techniques for gold-tooling on leather book covers with gold leaf. (expensive)
  • Mitchell, John – The Craftsman’s Guide to Edge Decoration, 2005, The Standing Press (UK), ISBN 0-9521626-0-1X – Techniques for edge coloring, sprinkling, edge marbling, gilding edges with gold leaf, fore-edge painting. (expensive)
  • Archaeology of Medieval BookbindingSzirmai, J.A. – The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding, 2009, Ashgate (UK & USA), ISBN 978-0-85967-904-6 – Extremely detailed descriptions of binding structural techniques throughout the middle ages from the Near-East to European, from the Coptic codice to Renaissance limp vellum bindings. (expensive but worth it for the serious student of historic bindings)
  • Webberley, Marilyn & Forsyth, Joan – Books, Boxes & Wraps: Binding & Building Step-by-Step, 1995, Bifocal Publishing (WA, USA), ISBN 1-886475-00-8 – Techniques for creating artists books and boxes (rare and expensive)

Other Resources

  • Roberts, Matt T. and Etherington, Don -Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books: Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology – – on-line dictionary of terms associated with binding and repair of books (without illustrations) – also available as a hardback book (with illustrations) – 1982, Library of Congress (USA)- ISBN 0-8444-0366-0

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Florentine and Tuscan paper art

  • Barrett, Timothy – “Early European Papers/Contemporary Conservation Papers”, The Paper Conservator, vol 13 (1989): 1-108
  • Barrett, Timothy – Early vs Modern Handmade Papers: Observations of a Twentieth-Century Papermaker, 1989, Silver Buckle Press (Wisconsin, USA) ISBN
  • Barrett, Timothy – Japanese Papermaking: Traditions, Tools & Techniques, 1983, Weatherhill, ISBN 978-1891640261 – Thorough study of Oriental papermaking techniques through history
  • Bertarelli, Raccolta – Carte Decorate, catalogo della mostra, a cura di Alberto Milano, 1989, Electa (Milano)
  • Dawson, Sophie & Turner, Silvie – A Hand Papermaker’s Sourcebook, 1995, Design Books (UK & USA), ISBN 1-55821-389-9 (USA), ISBN 1-871831-14-8 (UK)
  • The Coming of the Book- The Impact of PrintingFebvre, Lucien and Martin, Henri-Jean – The Coming of the Book: The Impact of Printing, 1450-1800, trans. Gerard, David, 2010, Verso , ISBN 978-18446762330 – Study of the early European printers, in various European countries, the spread of the book in society, relationship to paper industry.
  • Gani, Michela – Carte Decorate, 1993, Panini (Modena)
  • Hills, Richard -“Early Italian Papermaking, A Crucial Technical Revolution”, IPH CongressBook, 1992, Vol. 9, p. 37-46. – An excellent review of how the Italian papermaking community changed Arab style papers into a distinctly European paper that remains familiar to us today.”
  • Hiebert, Helen – The Papermakers’s Companion: The Ultimate Guide to Making and Using Handmade Paper, 2000, Storey Books (VT, USA), ISBN 1-58017-200-8
  • Hiebert, Helen – Papermaking with Plants: Creative Recipes and Projects Using Herbs, Flowers, Grasses and Leaves, 1998, Storey Books (VT, USA), ISBN 1-58017-087-0
  • Papermaking- The History and Technique of an Ancient CraftHunter, Dard – Papermaking: The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft, 2011, Dover Publications (USA), ISBN 978-0486236193 – Classic study of hand papermaking techniques around the world.Barrett, Timothy – “Early European Papers/Contemporary Conservation Papers”, The Paper Conservator, vol 13 (1989): 1-108
  • Pezzati, Sofia – Carta Decorata: Storia e tecniche artigianali, 2004, Ente Cassa Di Risparmio di Firenze (FI, IT), ISBN 88-7970-194-0 – Brief survey of the various techniques employed in making decorative paper in Tuscany through the ages (illustrated).
  • Quilici, Piccarda – Carte Decorate nella Legatoria del Settecento dalle raccolte della Biblioteca Casanatense, 1988, Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (Roma)
  • Turner, Silvie & Skiöld, Birgit – Handmade Paper Today: A Worldwide Survey of Mills, Papers, Techniques and Uses, 1989, Humanities Press International (NJ, USA), ISBN 978-0853315469
  • Remondidi, Un editore del Settecento, catalogo della mostra, a cura di Mario Infelise, Paola Marini, 1990, Electa (Milano)
  • Reimer-Epp, Heidi & Reimer, Mary – The Encyclopedia of Papermaking and Bookbinding: The Definitive Guide to Making, Embellishing, and Repairing Paper, Books, and Scrapbooks, 2002, Quarto Publishing, Inc. (UK) Running Press Book Publishers (USA), ISBN 0-7624-1214-3

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Marbling paper and textiles

  • Chambers, Anne – The Practical Guide to Marbling on Paper, 1986, Thames & Hudson (NY, USA), ISBN 978-0500274217
  • Chambers, Anne – Suminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling, 1991, Thames & Hudson (NY, USA), ISBN 978-0500015148
  • Celemin, Antonio Velez – El Marmoleado (translation:Marbling: from Endleaves to Artwork), 2012, ISBN 978-84-7895-264-9 – hot off the press, the current European master of marbling from Spain discusses the history of marbling and illustrates his repertoire of marbling masterpieces, from traditional Spanish designs to “ebru” style to newer cutting-edge designs. In Spanish only but English section titles are translated here. Worth buying anyway for the illustrations alone.
  • Clark, Lauren – Marbelized Paper Patterns in Full Color, 1992, Dover Publications (NY, USA), ISBN 0-486-27220-6
  • Cohen, Daniel and Paula – The Art of Marbling on Fabric, 1990, Interweave Press (CO, USA), ISBN 0-934026-54-8
  • Grunebaum, Gabriele – How to Marbelize Paper, 1984, Dover Publications (NY, USA), ISBN 0-486-24651-5
  • Grunebaum, Gabriele – Techniques for Marblizing Paper, 1992, Dover Publications (UK), ISBN 0-486-27156-0
  • Maurer-Mathison, Diane – The Ultimate Marbling Handbook: A Guide to Basic and Advanced Techniques for Marbling Paper and Fabric, 1999, Watson Guptill (NY), ISBN 0-8230-5575-2
  • Nevins, Iris – 105 Helpful Marbling Hints, 1990, Iris Nevins (NJ, USA), ISBN 0-9620400-2-9
  • Nevins, Iris – Fabric Marbling, 1989, Iris Nevins (NJ, USA), ISBN 0-96204001-0
  • Nevins, Iris – Traditional Marbling, 1988, Iris Nevins (NJ, USA), ISBN 0-9620400-0-2
  • Skycraft, Peggy – DVD – Mastering Marbling, 2005, PageSage (CA, USA)
  • Wada, Yoshiko – Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dying, 1999, Kodansha International (Japan), ISBN 979-477-002399

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The art of leather tanning and uses of leather

(see also the Art of Bookbinding)

  • Attwater, W.A. – Techniques of Leathercraft, 1983, Batsford Ltd. (UK), ISBN 978-0713423457
  • De Recy, Georges – Decoration of Leather, 1905, Archibald Constable & Co. (London, UK), no ISBN (Reprints available at Amazon)
  • Freidrich, R – Cuir, 1986, Dessain et Tolra (FR), ISBN 978-2249276590
  • Grant, Bruce – Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding, 1972, Schiffer Publishing (USA), ISBN 978-0870331619
  • Kite, Marion and Thomson, Roy – Conservation of Leather and Related Materials, 2008 Elsevier, Ltd., ISBN 978-0-7506-4881-3
  • Lingwood, Ray – Leather in 3 Dimensions, 1980, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. (USA), ISBN 978-0442297336
  • Micheal, Valerie – Leatherworking Handbook: A Practical Illustrated Sourcebook of Techniques and Projects, 2006, Cassell, ISBN 978-1844034741
  • Salaman, R. A. – Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools, C. 1700-1950: and the Tools of Alllied Trades, 1996, Astragal Press, ISBN 978-1879335721
  • Various – Leather Tanneries: The Archaeological Evidence, 2011, Archetype Books, ISBN 978-1904982616
  • Waterer, John – Leather in Life, Art and Industry, 1946, Faber (UK), ASIN B004H716A0
  • Waterer, John – Leather & Craftsmanship, 1950, Faber (UK), ASIN B0000CHRD0
  • Waterer, John – Leather Craftsmanship, 1968, Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers ( ), ISBN 978-0713510317
  • Waterer, John – Spanish Leather, 1971, Faber and Faber Ltd (UK), ISBN 978-0571090433
  • Waterer, John – John Waterer’s Guide to Leather Conservation, 1986, Museum of Leathercraft (UK), ISBN 978-0950418223

The next five are rare or expensive:

  • Reed, Ronald – Ancient Skins, Parchments and Leathers, 1973, Academic Press Inc., ISBN 978-0129035503 (quite expensive but indispensible for restorers and scholars)
  • Covington, Anthony – Tanning Chemistry: The Science of Leather, 2011 (reprint of 2009 original), Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing (UK), IPSBN 978-1849734349
  • Woodroffe, D. – Fundamentals of Leather Science, 1941, A. Harvey (UK), ASIN B0006DC44G
  • Lamb, M.C. – Leather Dressing, Including Dyeing, Staining and Finishing, 1925 reprint of 1884 original, The Anglo-American Technical Co., Ltd (UK), No ISBN
  • Rogers, Allan – Practical Tanning: A Handbook of Modern Practice and Processes as Applied in the Manufacture of Leather and Allied Products, 1922,, print on demand, ISBN 978-1150857898

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  • Bovin, Murray – Jewelry Making for Schools, Tradesmen & Craftsmen, 1990, Bovin Publishing, ASIN B001OK5X3Y
  • Bovin, Murray – Silversmithing and Art Metal for Schools, Tradesmen and Craftsmen, 1977, Bovin Publishing, ISBN 978-0910280037
  • Bovin, Murray – Centrifugal or Lost Wax Jewelry Casting for Schools, Trademen and Craftsmen, 1992, Bovin Publishing, ASIN B01MV1YRY
  • Ferguson, Ian – Mokume Gane, 2004, Krause Publications, ISBN 978-0873499019
  • Holschuh, Brandon – The Jeweler’s Studio Handbook, 2009, Quarry Books, ISBN 978-1-59253-495-2
  • Lewton-Brain, Charles – The Jeweler’s Bench Book – 2007, MJSA Press, ISBN 978-0-9799962-0-7
  • McCreight, Tim – Complete Metalsmith, Professional Edition, 2004, Davis (USA), ISBN 978-1929565054
  • McCreight, Tim – The Metalsmith’s Book of Boxes and Lockets, 1999, Hand Books Press, ISBN 1-929565-23-2
  • Tait, Hugh – 7000 Years of Jewelry, 2008, Firefly Books (), ISBN 978-1554073955
  • Audette, Dominique – Jewelry Illustration, 2010, Brynmorgen Press, ISBN 978-1929565337
  • Young, Anastasia – The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques, 2010, Interweave Press, ISBN 978-1596681699

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Digital Arts

And now for something a little different – modern media technologies to create both book and other art, using new materials and techniques

  • Krause, Dorothy Simpson – Book + Art: Handcrafting Artist’s Books, 2009, F&W Media/North Light Books (USA), ISBN 978-1-60061-154-4 – probably the most interesting book out there on creating one of kind altered books using a wide range of techniques
  • Lohtka, Bonny Pierce – Digital Alchemy: Printmaking Techniques for Fine Art, Photography and Mixed Media, 2011, New Riders, DAAS LLC (CA, USA), ISBN 978-0-321-73299-6 –Most advanced cutting edge techniques and materials for creating art on many substrates with digital images
  • Lhotka, Schminke, Kraus – Digital Art Studio: Techniques for Combining Inkjet Printing with Traditional Art Materials, 2004, Watson-Guptill LSK LLC (NY, USA), ISBN0-8230-1342-1 – Cutting edge techniques for creating art on many substrates with digital images
  • Lhotka, Bonny Pierce – The Last Layer: New Methods in Digital Printing for Photography, Fine Art and Mixed Media, 2013, New Riders, ISBN 978-0-321-9054-6 – Latest techniques and materials for creating art on many substrates with digital images.
  • McElroy, Darlene Olivia & Wilson, Sandra Duran – Surface Treatment Workshop, 2011, F&W Media/North Light Books (USA), ISBN 978-1-4403-0824-6 – Mixed media techniques and transfer technologies for art creation on many substrates
  • McElroy, Darlene Olivia & Wilson, Sandra Duran – Image Transfer Workshop: Mixed-Media Techniques for Successful Transfers, 2009, F&W Media/North Light Books (USA), ISBN 978-1-60061-160-5


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